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In my 20 years of coaching experiences, I found that this book is very practical for Learning and Development teams, coaches and managers. This book pointed the important of building coaching culture in the organization and how to sustain the culture by building coaching champions. The book also provided rich information and experiences on coaching for success. This is important of focusing on impactful and actionable conversation outcome. It’s important for coaches to have the structured coaching process and ability to guide learners and employees to explore the new possibilities and solutions. Congratulations to Eng Hooi for sharing his valuable experiences.

Lim Chee Gay, Group Chief Human Resources Officer (GCHRO) of TDCX, Certified Life Coach

“Congrats! It’s indeed a book very relevant at this time. Coaching culture is taking shape and this book provides a useful roadmap for orgs which are planning to build it well.”

Michael Heah, PHD, ICF Master Certified Coach, Adjunct Professor, Authors of 4 Coaching Books, CEO & Founder of Corporate Coach Academy,

Building a Sustainable Coaching Culture is a comprehensive and practical guide for all stakeholder working to create a high-performance coaching culture.  I was privileged to work and learn from the author as we partnered and worked with our own global high-performance team dedicated to forging a path to creating and sustaining the coaching function and culture.  Eng Hooi does a wonderful job of sharing what he has learned from both driving culture change as well as his expert coaching skills.  This is a book you will continue to use as a resource as you create your own coaching culture and progress on your own extraordinary coaching journey.

David Lipsky, PHD, Author, Head Coach of Samsung Electronics America

Eng Hooi managed in his engaging book to reflect a practitioner’s experience on developing organizational coaching culture. In addition to demonstrating the importance of coaching to drive organizational efficacy, Eng Hooi managed to highlight the challenges and the probable pitfalls that L&D and business leaders might face when they aspire Coaching Centre of Excellence (CCOE) and how best to address them. Besides professional coaches, this book is highly recommended to business leaders who are keen to decode the corporate growth language through a step-by-step roadmap to nurture coaching as a business competency.

Dr. Loay Damer, Regional Vice President Asia, ICF Associate Certified Coach

Today more than ever, a key success factor for any organisation is the ability of leaders, managers and teams to engage in meaningful conversations, learn from their past experiences, create greater trust and engagement in order to navigate our ever-changing VUCA world. Eng Hooi’s book gives a comprehensive overview of what is needed to develop such skills by cultivating a coaching culture at every level of an organisation. With practical tips and concrete examples, the book covers all key topics that will help any HR practitioner from designing training programmes to building a case for investing in building coaching skills. The structured format, conciseness and clear illustrations make it a valuable reference and tool.

Eng Hooi is a former colleague in a global consumer electronics company. If there’s a single word that I can associate him with, that word is none other than “Coaching”. Aside from being the learning & development leader in his subsidiary, Eng Hooi was also our Master Coach. He was vital in the success of the coaching culture-building program in the different subsidiaries across the SEAO region.

His book “Building a Sustainable Coaching Culture” is Eng Hooi’s gift to the world. More than his credentials and experience, it’s Eng Hooi’s authentic and sincere desire to help leaders and organizations that drove him to write his coaching masterpiece. A man if integrity who is genuinely passionate in coaching, Eng Hooi’s book will surely make a huge impact in leaders and organizations alike. I love the fact that he spent a significant amount of space explaining the value of coaching and in making it permeate the company culture. His book lays down the blueprint in building not just a coaching culture, but a sustainable one that can propel the organization in achieving its long-term goals. His practical approach clearly illustrates the step-by-step process in discovering the potential that every organization has, just awaiting to be unlocked.

Raymond Victorino, Content Writer, Field Human Resources Manager at Accenture, Top 10 Most Inspiring Filipinos to Follow on LinkedIn 2020

“Eng Hooi is one of the most practical and helpful coaches that I have ever met. The book cracks the code on building a sustainable coaching culture combining the science and art of doing it. Not just concept, the book contains practical ideas, hands-on tips, well-defined coaching tools and frameworks. It’s a must-read book for all organisational leaders and coach practitioners.”

Simon Yap, Executive Coach, Sales Leadership Coach, Founder of Minds & Senses Coaching Academy, ICF’s Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

“A practical and comprehensive book filled with insights and tools which will enable you to build a sustainable coaching culture in your organisation. No matter which part of the coaching journey you are on – just starting to establish one or finding ways to reinvigorate your company culture – look no further as you will be able to find gems here that will serve your purpose, and take it to greater heights. These words of wisdom, backed by research and Eng Hooi’s first-hand experience, have been shared generously as an extension of his passion and belief that coaching has its place in making our workplace and society better.”

Mabel Hoe, ICF Associate Certified Coach, Talent Management & Development Practitioner

“This brilliant how-to manual will unlock your full potential in getting the best from others and yourself.”

Yeoh Kar Kheng, DPhil (Oxon), Certified Teacher of Search Inside Yourself, Founding Chairman of Malaysia Mindfulness Association

Coaching become one of the essential skills at workplace today that every leader should learnt and equipped with. Many leaders talk about coaching employees but not many really understand that coaching is not just for performance enhancement but also a leadership skill that able to create a develop and influence individual behaviour and build a sustainable and trusted working culture. Based on research, millennial is more likely to stay and perform in a highly engaged workplace, with more than 30% of the millennial entering into global workforce, this book will help HR practitioner to learn how to build a sustainable coaching culture, attract and retain young talent at workplace. Congratulations Eng Hooi for publishing his first book, looking forward to read the next book.

Angie Ng, HR Business Partner